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2 Jan 2016

Tourist Access Road Is Updated To Become A Betta Road

This busy tourist access road in Western Australia consists of collapsible soil that makes for challenging driving conditions. However an Australian-made innovation provides the ideal solution.

This busy tourist access road in Western Australia consists of Pindan sand-clay. With 150mm of  loose material, the road surface is prone to blow outs. Simply avoiding the use of highly erodible materials is often considered too high a cost when resources are scarce. As a result, constructing roads to survive traffic and harsh weather conditions from material highly susceptible to erosion is a major challenge.

But with an application of PolyCom Stabilising Aid, these are problems of the past.One month after this road was treated with PolyCom, tests on the load-bearing capacity of the road revealed a high CBR, otherwise known as California Bearing Ratio - a penetration test used to evaluate the strength of road sub-grades and base-courses.

Two months after treatment, regular traffic and some wet weather resulted in increased pavement strengths and improved surface integrity.Continued monitoring of the pavement performance by the council has proved the road to remain serviceable in both dry and wet weather.For remote communities, PolyCom is a simple and inexpensive method of obtaining an enhanced unsealed pavement with greatly reduced maintenance and cost.



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