PolyCom Field Testing


Betta Roads recently completed a series of field tests with our client on different sections of a road in the Gascoyne Region. Predominantly the road was made up of quarried granular material mixed with the in-situ pindan material.а

Some short sections having been treated with PolyCom produced higher strength readings within the depth of pavement and reduced material loss significantly.

The most encouraging outcome was that the existing spent material which comprised mostly of pindan sand returned the highest pavement strengths Resilient Modulus Mr 144MPa and lowest material loss results (less than 30% of the untreated sections)

This has obviously created significant economic advantages for the client. PolyCom treatment has enabled the option of treating insitu material to produce a stronger more resilient pavement capable of taking a chip seal in subsequent years.

This optionаhas been realised for minimal comparative cost. As more clients are choosing to treat poor quality in-situ material such as pindan sand to produce a strong, water resistant more resilient pavement.а

PolyCom Field test 2

PolyCom Loose gravel test
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