WA Council Achieves Over 100% CBR On Gravel Road With PolyCom Stabilising Aid


A Council in the southern wheat belt of Western Australia has identified PolyCom Stabilising Aid as the best way to prepare their roads for sealing. а

Earlier this year, the clayey materials in this low-lying, salt affected area were treated with the innovative polymer binder.а

An 800m x 9m section of the road was scarified at a depth of 100mm, before fourteen 2 kilogram packs of PolyCom were applied to the gravel in dry powder form with a customised dry spreader. а

The ground was then watered to just below optimum moisture content before being blade mixed with the grader. Finally, the treated materials were compacted with a multi wheel roller to create a smoother, tighter, stronger pavement, resilient to water ingress.

Two weeks after the PolyCom treatment, testing on various sections of the roadа indicated that the average CBR value is above 100%. а

Subsequently, the road is now ready to be sealed. а

The Council’s success with PolyCom Stabilising Aid has paved the way for more PolyCom stabilising to be undertaken within the surrounding area in the following weeks.

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