Polymer Treated Floodway

The pictures below illustrate the effectiveness of PolyCom in stopping erosion by strengthening the pavement materials.

This floodway in West Australia was constructed in 2012, and treated with PolyCom. The road has since experienced four separate flood events, where the untreated sections have been washed away. The washed away areas have been rehabilitated without PolyCom treatment and have subsequently washed away again.

The PolyCom treated road has resisted the flood waters, which can be seen from the distinct line separating the PolyCom treated section from the untreated section, approximately two metres from the edge of the seal in the images below. Erosion begins where PolyCom ends.

thumb IMG 6245 1024

thumb IMG 4116 1024
thumb IMG 4097 1024
thumb IMG 4115 1024
thumb IMG 4097 1024
thumb IMG 4297 1024

This series of photos was not taken in a lab but is field proven in real life by the people who do it for a living.

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