PolyCom Transforms an Aglime Quarry Access Road in Western Australia

Earlier this year, Betta Roads was contacted by a council in the southern region of Western Australia.а

Excessive traffic to and from an agricultural lime quarry within the shire had damaged the access road so severely it was rendered unsafe for users.а

Listed as part of MRWA Restricted Access Vehicle Network, the road is a level 5 route, which allows vehicles up to 27.5m in length to access the road. Generally, these are trucks with trailers or b-doubles.

The council was also receiving regular dust complaints from residents.

After trialling other stabilising products, the council identified the WA distributor’s in-situ road stabiliser PolyCom Stabilising Aid as the preferred solution. Several months on, local hauliers confirm that the road has held up well.а

The Shire officers are now seeking funding from the Regional Roads Group to seal the PolyCom stabilised section during the next financial year.

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