PolyCom Stabilising Aid: Supporter of Industry and Sustainable Road Construction

PolyCom Stabilising Aid: supporter of industry and sustainable road construction

Most readers are aware of PolyCom Stabilising Aid, a unique Australian-made product that has been used for well over a decade all over Australia to improve roads and other pavements by simply mixing it into the existing material.

But PolyCom is more that that.а The people behind the product are passionate about creating a sustainable system of road rehabilitation and informing industry about the benefits of recycling existing roads to save money and reduce maintenance.а Better roads and reduced maintenance means fewer ratepayer complaints and a boost for the local economy.

The people behind the PolyCom brand understand that supporting the local government industry is an important aspect of their work.а Since June 2014, PolyCom has been a sponsor at various local government forums that seek to а enhance the liveability of communities through the promotion of sustainable practices.а These forums include:а

  • National General Assembly of Local Government (Canberra)
  • Sustainable Choice (NSW) Forum (Albury)а
  • IPWEA Sustainability in Public Works Conference (Tweed Heads)
  • Local Government Supervisors Association of WA Conference (Perth)а

But PolyCom doesn't just sponsor events, it also undertakes research, which was presented at some of these conferences.а The key findings of this research are that using PolyCom to stabilise an existing one (1) kilometre road instead of importing material to resheet (traditional method) will save:

1. аClose to 90% in greenhouse gas emissions

2. а80% in water usage

3. а70% / year in financial savings

Imagine how much can be saved if PolyCom is used for 10km annually in your community?

As a consequence of this industry support and research, key decision makers in local government are starting to realise the benefits that PolyCom provides.а This means PolyCom is in demand.а Recent weeks has seen the people of PolyCom travel across Australia to work with customers using PolyCom for the first time, as well as increased demand from our existing customers.а

The benefits of using PolyCom are not just in the performance and financial savings but also in the ease of use with no manual handling or other OHS issues to worry about.а The works crews cannot get over how simple it is to apply.

Call us or email if you would like more information.а We are committed to ensuring you get the best out of PolyCom so when you buy PolyCom you also get the full backing, training and support of the people of PolyCom for however long you need it.

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