PolyCom Business is Booming

The word is out. Business is booming and customerаsatisfaction is at an all time high.

PolyCom road stabilising is gaining traction across Australia as road makers enjoy the savings on unsealed road maintenance.

Treatingаunsealed roads with PolyCom Stabilising Aid isаa winner in the face of road maintenance issues.

In the last few months, the Australian made polymer binder has worked itsаway through naturally occurring sub grade, pit gravel, natural soils and high quality crushed rock for a large numberаof different projects in road construction, mining and earthworks across the country. Used on unsealed roads, access roads, airfields, mining haul roads, harvesting roads, carparks, hardstands or anywhere the earth is moved, PolyCom proves to be extremely versatile and cost-effective.

PolyCom provides thoseаcharged with road construction andаmaintainence with the tools to produce a stronger pavement with the materials already in the ground. PolyCom aids compaction, increasing the resistance to water ingress andаtraffic wear. This results in a significant reduction in road maintenance costs, time and resources.

PolyCom works in difficult materials that would often be wasted or considered unsuitable, such as materials with a high clay content or a low clay content like sandy clay.а

With dedicated distributors in every state, you will have a source of local knowledgeаand experience at hand to enable you to get the best possible results. PolyCom Stabilising Aid is a trusted polymer stabiliser used for over 12 years in the field. The fastаapplication process does not require an investment in specialised equipment, making it easyаto understand why road makers are increasingly turning toаthe PolyComаstabilising system for efficient management of road infrastructure.

Click hereаto findаout how to apply PolyCom road stabilising aid to almost any material.а

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