Just One More WA Road Done Before Xmas 2015

Great Southern Crew uses PolyCom to get the road done before Christmas

Faced with an absence of good material in this coastal area the local shire was forced to use the poor quality insitu material adjacent to this 10Km section of dirt road, additionally a limited budget, time restrictions and lack of readily available water made the incorporation of PolyCom Stabilising Aid into the construction of this busy tourist route an compelling choice for the Shire Engineer.

Knowing the benefits of using the PolyCom product from previous projects the Engineer engaged the use of the product and assistance of Betta Roads Team. Material variation, lack of water coupled with extreme heat and the usual breakdowns that go along with road construction projects still didn't stop the crew from getting a standout result using their conventional equipment and construction practices. Treated sections consistently achieved a high standard of finish and dramatically increased bearing capacity. аа

This important project was completed prior to the Christmas Break well in advance of the anticipated Christmas rush. Even the locals came to take a look а

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