Gravel loss test result on PolyCom treated road

Test result reveals major improvementа

Aаcomparativeаsweep test conducted on aаroad treated with PolyCom has revealed nine times less loose material than anаuntreated section of the same road.

The sample taken from the untreated section weighed a considerable 9.2kg.аThe sample from the PolyCom treated section yielded 1kg of loose fines and gravel.а

The test was conducted one month after PolyCom was applied to the unsealed road by a central Victorian council.

The results confirm the tightly bound nature of a PolyCom treated pavement, increasing the strength whilst maintaining all important flexibility to prevent traffic wear and water damage, and reduce the loss of gravel into table drains and as airborne dust.а

PolyCom stabilises and strengthens the existing road material, preventing the expense of gravel re-sheeting.а

Unsealed roads last up to six times longer when treated with PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

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