WA Councils Procure PolyCom on Road to Sustainability

Traditionally, roads have been constructed using high grade quarry products such as hard rock and gravel. These non-renewable resources are becoming more challenging to acquire in terms of cost and access. The process of quarrying and hauling the material incurs significant cost and carbon emissions, not to mention further damage to the haul route incurred during the transport of quarry materials to the road site.а

There is substantial progress in creating road networks and maintenance practises that are resilient to future environmental and resource related challenges. Councils across Australia are playing a key role in driving innovation in the road construction industry, with the procurement of PolyCom Stabilising Aid to improve theаstrength and integrity of their road network.

Road authorities use PolyCom to upgrade road materials that would normally be deemed unsuitable for use.а

PolyCom is supplied in 2kg packs, a quantity that can stabilise 50m2 or 100 tonnes of road material - a stark comparison to traditional alternatives that would require significantly higher quantities of virgin material.а

A preferred WALGA supplier, materialsаstabilisation company Betta Roads distributes PolyCom StabilisingаAid to councils in Western Australia.а

Managing Director Paul Bright says many PolyCom users report higher pavement stiffness and CBR on roads treated with PolyCom.

Would you like to use PolyCom for your road stabilisation or earthworks project? Contact Betta Roads for more information.

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